The holistic atmosphere of this apartment   is a genuine expression of relaxed luxury. The use of natural materials such as Pentelico marble floors, black palissandro marble walls and walnut panels generate a cozy atmosphere in the apartment. The space is well-lit by a floor-to-ceiling pane of glass joining the living room to the terrace. The opposite wall is covered by a black palissandro marble lit by custom made bronze channel lighting strips. The double linen and macramé curtains filter and balance the use of darkness and light between the natural light and the dark surfaces of the panels and furniture.
The Furniture combination was selected with great care, La Michetta from Meritalia created a center element facing Nido armchair from Imperfetto lab. The main living couches and the family room area are furnished by MDF Italia. The Tawaya table and the Evolution sideboard from Emmemobili for the dining room surrounded by Leya chair from Freifrau.

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