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On a steep slope overlooking Tebnin natural reserve. A modern, yet archaic architecture of walls that contain space and space that contains walls.The house is defined by different volumes of stacked lime stone wall masses, patterned block wall and wood clading that alternately create a series of enclosed and open spaces with floating roofs above and thick masses below. A rhythm is created that constantly fluctuates and blurs the distinction between what is considered inside and what is outside as the materials are monolithic and reduced to a few elements so that the emphasis remains on the natural reserve beyond and the nuances of light and shade that play across the walls and spaces and emphasizes the life lived within and around the walls.
The natural colors of the surroundings have been the starting point for the colouration of the building. Facade boards, balcony railings are set in subdued green hues. Facade paneling are treated to a warm natural tone and the aluminium frames of the doors and windows are powder coated in black

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